Thursday, June 10, 2010

Genai - Crossover, Remakes & Revivals

2003 | Mp3 320 Kbps | 171 Mb | Total Time: 01:11:36

01. Watcha gonna do about my love (Dave Mcmurray feat. Gloria Ridgeway)
02. Let love (Genai feat. Robie Danzie)
03. Give me the night (Tom Browne feat. Toni Smith)
04. You love me only (The Meeting feat. Nadirah Shakoor)
05. I wanna hold you tonight (Ralph Macdonald feat. Patrice Rushen)
06. Cordovado-how insensitive (Genai feat. Ginai K. Johnston)
07. Drunk on love (Rhythm Logic feat. Junko Yagami)
08. Walk on by (Lenny White feat. Audrey Northington)
09. It's too late (Genai feat. Ginai K. Johnston)
10. Never stop (Tom Browme feat. Stephaine Mckay)
11. Good day (Dave Mcmurray feat. Gloria Ridgeway)
12. Sailing (Lenny White feat. Nikki Richards)
13. The long and winding road (John Tropea feat. Lala Hathaway)
14. Someday we'll all be free (Tome Trowne faet. Dianne Reeves)



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