Friday, May 14, 2010

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells - First Time I Met The Blues

2007 | Mp3 320 Kbps | 145 Mb

01. We're Ready(Buddy Guy)
02. This Is The End(Buddy Guy)
03. First Time I Met Blues(Buddy Guy)
04. Hoodoo Man(Buddy Guy And Junior Wells)
05. You Sure Can't Do(Buddy Guy)
06. Cha, Cha, In Blues(Junior Wells)
07. Sit And Cry(Buddy Guy)
08. Little By Little(Junior Wells)
09. Country Girl(Buddy Guy And Junior Wells)
10. I Could Cry(Junior Wells)
11. Try To Quit You(Buddy Guy)
12. Lawdy! Lawdy!(Buddy Guy)
13. Bout The Break Of Day(Junior Wells)
14. Junior's Wail(Junior Wells)
15. In My Younger Days(Buddy Guy And Junior Wells)
16. So All Alone(Junior Wells)
17. Cut That Out(Junior Wells)
18. We're Ready Finale(Buddy Guy)



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